Anonymous asked: from Brandie (in Orangeville) News: An Italian senator has called for "declassification of chemtrail documents"! Bravo to Italy!! I sent a letter of inquiry to Transport Canada concerning "adding sulphate aerosols to clouds" through Aerial Spraying and I sent the Italy story too. These trails are so obvious! anyone can see! Everybody keep sending letters. Let these people KNOW that you know! It's way beyond time to be pissed off. Truly! B. :)

This is great news indeed! Thank you for the info. Any way you can send a link to that article? Would really like to read it and post it. Thanks again!!

Now I can only imagine what is happening to our DNA with all the ‘contrail chemicals’ being dumped on us on a daily basis.

Ahh…spring. Finally! 

I can only predict what the summer will be like! ✈️✈️✈️
And this is what rain clouds look like now in Toronto. It’s only 1:40pm and that’s how much they’ve spared today.
Engineering tomorrow’s storm.
I love clouds that look like they’ve shot a rocket into space or something. It’s so natural.